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Breast Cancer Ribbon

Breast Cancer Awareness Socks

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Wearing breast cancer awareness socks is a great way to show your support for the cause. Breast cancer awareness socks come in many lengths, colors and designs.  If you’d rather not wear full pink socks, perhaps because you have to wear a uniform or pink isn’t your colour, there is the option of a wearing any color sock with a pink ribbon attached. You can easily find plain grey or black socks with the pink ribbon attached to allow you to support breast cancer awareness without breaking any uniform regulations or just simple clashing with your outfit.

If you want to raise money for breast cancer awareness, customizing socks and selling them is a great way to do it. All you need is plain socks and some pink ribbon to stitch to them. Breast cancer awareness socks are perfect to wear during sponsored walks or races, or just everyday to help people remember to support breast cancer awareness all year round, not just in breast cancer awareness month.

Some awareness socks specially designed for sport, or long socks for school, or normal length socks for everyday use, the options are endless and are the perfect way to display your support for breast cancer.

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