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Breast Cancer Ribbon

Cool Breast Cancer Butterfly Tattoos

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One way to show support for breast cancer awareness is to wear a butterfly tattoo. The breast cancer awareness butterfly tattoos shows a pink or black butterfly and the pink breast cancer awareness ribbon, usually with the words breast cancer awareness, or just awareness. The design is very cool and very modern.

The tattoo butterfly has become a popular way to show support for breast cancer awareness, not just in tattoo form, but it is now printed on bags, badges, t-shirts and even hats and aprons as a way to show your support.

There is even a design with a half blue/half pink ribbon on the butterfly, to show awareness that men can also get breast cancer. Men may prefer to wear this design than the only pink ribbon design. You could even have the breast cancer butterfly tattooed permanently on  your arm, stomach, back or even chest, to show your support, perhaps in remembrance of someone you know who suffered from breast cancer.

Whether you decide to wear your breast cancer butterfly in tattoo form, or whether you buy something with the design on, like a t-shirt or a bag, you will be contributing to breast cancer awareness and helping to spread the word.

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