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Breast Cancer Ribbon

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Breast Cancer High School Football

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Lots of sports teams are now supporting breast cancer awareness by wearing pink during their games. Even professional football players wear pink during special times of the year in order to show their support.

High school footballers can do the same by wearing pink apparel during their games. Pink wrist sweatbands are a fantastic way to show support. Cheap and easy to buy in bulk, sweatbands actually provide a use during any form of exercise and if they are pink or at least show the pink ribbon that represents breast cancer awareness, then they also show support for a great cause.

Other options include wearing pink knee socks; the entire teams can get involved by wearing pink knee socks or socks with a pink ribbon. But even something simple like a pink armband tied around their football uniform is enough to make a statement and show that the football team supports breast cancer awareness.

High school football teams should decide on their pink apparel together so that the entire team is showing their support. Even if the team only does this for one match, the statement is there: We support breast cancer awareness and we want to spread the word.