3 Tips to Make a Charity Sporting Event

Among all cancers among women the most common is breast cancer – about 25% of all cases of cancer. Each woman in different periods of their lives may face with this problem. If it is detected at early stage, woman has great chances for recovery. In order to help people to cope with this disease there is international breast cancer awareness campaign, aimed at fund rising. This money will be spent on researches in this area, preventive measures and buying special equipment.

If you think about conduction of some sport event as a part of breast cancer awareness campaign we can give you three small tips, which may help you:

  1. Attract as many people as possible;
  2. Buy pink T-shirts for all participants of the event;
  3. Call to the local newspapers and TV companies.

If such event will be shown on TV or people will read about it in newspapers, it will attract huge attention and unconsciously people will be interested in this program. Who knows may be some people with breast cancer will se this. They will feel your support and will have more powers to fight against breast cancer, which is very important in their life situation.