Breast Cancer Survivors Honored with 800 Pink Socks

It all started as a simple idea to support their coach’s wife who had just been diagnosed with breast cancer.

Now, the Valentine Eleebana Football Club has turned their simple show of support to a community-wide fundraising event.

When the girls heard that their coach’s wife had breast cancer, they wanted to let her know that she wasn’t alone in her battle.  She has been an amazing source of support for the team which was why they wanted to return the favor. When other members of the club heard about their initiative, they began sharing their own battle with the disease. Some revealed having lost loved ones while others are currently battling for their lives.

Valentine FC dons more than 800 pink socks for breast cancer

The realization that many of their members have been touched by breast cancer inspired the team to take their idea to the next level. Aside from sporting pink socks, members also manned various booths and games and sold pink food products. Their overall efforts lead to their $12,000 donation to the Hunter Breast Cancer Foundation.

The Hunter Breast Cancer Foundation is a non-profit organization that aims to provide support for breast cancer survivors and their families. They provide “Comfort Cushions” for post-operative survivors to support their recovery. The HBCF also provides for those who have difficulty finding transportation to and from their treatment facilities. Furthermore, they also offer cleaning services to families who are currently battling the disease. By providing these simple services for free, the HBCF aims to let survivors know that they are not alone in the fight.

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Valentine FC dons more than 800 pink socks for breast cancer

All the money raised from this event will go directly to the efforts of the HBCF.

The organizers had plenty of heart-warming stories to share about their All Pink Event. For example, many simply do not ask for change or prizes when they participate in the events. Furthermore, local businesses also chipped in the moment they heard about this initiative. Aldi, Office Works and Care For You Services are amongst the businesses that contributed to the success of the event.

Aside from the exciting game, there were also booths for face painting and jumping castles which both the young and young at heart enjoyed. It was truly an event to remember – watching over 800 socks take over the field.

With the support of their community, the survivors are given hope to continue their fight against breast cancer.

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