Anybody Can Make A Difference – Make Strides Against Breast Cancer

Who says one person can’t make a difference?

Margery Rath was beyond thankful that she had survived breast cancer. She saw the need for an organized group that would raise money for research, support survivors and their families and educate women on how to protect themselves from cancer. With a small group of survivors and volunteers, Ms. Rath conceptualized the Making Strides Against Breast Cancer movement in 1984. Marge lost her own fight with Breast Cancer in 2001, but before her death, she had helped raise $460 million to aid the American Cancer Society.

Making Strides enables anyone to ‘walk’ towards finding a cure for cancer. As individuals, we often find ourselves powerless against something as big and powerful as cancer. Margery Rath proved that if we come together as a community, we can make a difference one step at a time.

Making Strides hosts over 300 events every year in different parts of the country in an attempt to make the opportunity to help available to anybody who wants to help. Visit their website and find the long list of jobs/opportunities you can do!

You can make it a team effort and join the Stride with your church group, family or maybe even your entire company. Some companies even support the gift matching program where they match whatever amount their employees raise to double the donation.

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Volunteer your time and talent to the cause! From making sure the event starts on time to giving away race kits, it takes a lot of man power to run a successful event.  If you’re willing and able, they can put you to work.

Sign up and be an advocate with one of the American Cancer Society’s programs in your community. The American Cancer Society works with hundreds of support groups nationwide to provide much needed aide to cancer survivors and their families.

Encourage women in your neighborhoods to schedule mammograms at least once a year with the help of Mammogram Reminder (It’s free!).

As you can see, Making Strides isn’t just about walking 5 miles; it’s about doing what you can to help even if you don’t cross the finish line. This reflects the reality that you don’t have to donate a ton of money to make a difference. Aside from financial aids, survivors need emotional, mental, physical and social support to be able to beat the big C. Making Strides is a great resource to look for ways to help out. Just like Ms. Rath, we all can make a difference in lives of survivors and their families.

Make your own strides today!

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