Barbells for Boobs: Maryland State Fundraising Champions

Breast Cancer fundraiser hits close to home for Crossfitters in Stevensville, MA.

No attempt is too small for breast cancer advocacy. This was proven yet again by CrossFit Kent Island (CFKI) as they have recently been honored as the Maryland State Fundraising Champions. For the second year in arrow, CrossFit Kent ranked 1st in the state for their campaign Barbells for Boobs.

Barbells for Boobs, Breast Cancer Football Gear

Aside from the catchy name, Barbells for Boobs has taken on quite the following. In 2017 alone, the campaign has raised over $8,000 through the efforts of club members and owners. Their target is to reach as many at risk men and women and provide access to early detection interventions. Indeed, screening and monitoring high risk individuals are still the best ways to prevent breast cancer.

Barbells for Boobs, Breast Cancer Football Gear

CrossFit Kent’s very own coach Jason Shand has been named Maryland State Fundraising Champion with an individual contribution of $2,597.91. Shand also made true to his promise to shave his head if he reaches his fundraising goal in honor of breast cancer survivors. He even dared his co-coaches to finish a hundred burpees in the cold Chesapeake Bay.

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Talk about commitment!

Coach Shand has known too many people suffer through the disease. This is the reason for his strong commitment to support preventive and curative efforts. The money from the fundraiser goes directly to community members who have been diagnosed. Shand and his team made sure that their efforts benefits their friends and neighbors which may be the reason for their success. As we’ve said before, grassroot fundraisers make the most impact in the community.

The CFKI Team have made it their mission to spread the message on disease prevention. Aside from getting regular exercise, they also champion eating a balanced diet and a positive health attitude. This means performing Breast Self-Examination monthly and going to see your GP if you see anything suspicious. More than the money raised, the CFKI Team hopes to impart this attitude towards their clients in the hopes of stopping breast cancer in its tracks.

We have made it our mission to educate our members and our community about the importance of fitness and a healthy lifestyle. Through partnerships and events like Barbells for Boobs, we’re helping to raise awareness for early detection and support for those battling this disease.” – Ryan Wolf, CrossFit Kent Island.

If you live near Stevensville, be sure to joid the 2018 Barbells for Boobs competition at CrossFit Kent Island this coming November

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