Basketball Accessories for the Cause

These days every type of sport is willing to get involved to raise awareness for breast cancer, basketball players are no exception.

There are many breast cancer accessories for basketball players. During their basketball games, players can wear pink sweatbands and headbands with the breast cancer ribbon to show their support for breast cancer awareness.  Or they can just wear plain pink sweatbands and headbands.

Teams could organize a fundraising game where everyone plays with a pink basketball especially for the occasion, or a basketball painted with the breast cancer emblem. The entire team can even wear pink shoes during the game, along with their pink headbands and pink sweatbands.

For a cheap accessory all the players could wear pink socks to show their support or the entire team could wear pink shirts, especially during breast cancer awareness month but also during any time of the year that they want to raise awareness. There is no set time they have to wear their pink accessories; raising awareness throughout the year is just as important.

Any pink accessories that basketball players wear will show great support for the cause and help raise awareness for breast cancer.

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