Women’s Basketball Club Raises Awareness About Breast Cancer

Regular exercise can help prevent breast cancer in women

Studies have proven that women who engage in sports are less likely to develop breast cancer.  This is the reason why women in Saudi Arabia are doing what they can to get more women moving.  Their recipe? balls and hoops.

Basketball may be a  male-dominated sport, but women in Saudi Arabia are using it to raise awareness during the International Breast Cancer Awareness month.

breast cancer, basketball

The Zahra Breast Cancer Association has recently teamed up with the Jeddah United Basketball Club in support of this worthy cause. Five teams from across the country came together to highlight the importance of a regular exercise regimen and its benefits. In a country where women are slowly getting their footing in society, this event certainly helps cement the importance of women empowerment.

The organizers have chosen the theme “We are here to live and be loved” for this year’s event. The theme certainly touches on Saudi women’s plight for equality and freedom in their country. They have also gained the support of the Saudi royal family with Princesses Haifa Al-Faisal and Reema bint Bandar.

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breast cancer, basketball
Princess Reema

As the Chairwoman of the Zahra Breast Cancer Association, Princess Haifa has long championed the rights of women who are living with the disease. Princess Reema is at the forefront of changing the country’s mindset when it comes to women in sports. Through their joint effort, the Princesses are empowering women to take their health into their own hands.

Saudi Women are slowly but surely gaining ground in empowerment and breast health.

Five teams came to vie for the top spot including 2 teams who flew from Riyadh to join the tournament. Players from the Al-Azem, Riyadh United, Jeddah United, Swish Academy, and Jeddah Athlete teams played their hearts out at the Jeddah United Club’s facility in Shatea. All teams are coached by former Jeddah United players who have helped other women get into basketball.

Breast cancer advocates and survivors were also present during the friendly game. A small ceremony was also held in honor of Super Dima BalhJelah who passed away this year.

Dima’s family has been at her side throughout her ordeal.  In her death, they continue to honor her by organizing awareness campaigns.

Survivor Regam Afandi held a Zumba class for all the women who attended the game. She wanted to share her story and positivity through the thing she loved the most – sports and Zumba. Engaging young women with sports and a positive outlook in life can make a difference in their breast health.


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