Child Raises Money For Mom With Breast Cancer

It is no secret that Breast Cancer has affected millions of mothers worldwide.

Back in the day, the disease has ravaged women mostly in their 50s and 60s. However, in the last couple of years, we are seeing more women in their 30s and 40s being diagnosed with breast cancer.

This shift to the younger generation means younger children are also being affected. Case in point is one Edward Wills from Dunnet, Scotland.

Edward’s mother, Ms. Bekki Christian, has been diagnosed with terminal breast cancer. At only 38 years old, Bekki is now in danger of not seeing her son reach his 10th birthday. Sadly, the doctors told her that she only had a few months left to live.

One must wonder how a child processes these things. How can anyone tell a child his mother is dying of a disease he can’t see? How can anyone assure this child that it’s going to be ok?

But Edward is no ordinary 8-year-old boy. His love for climbing sets him apart from other children in his village. This is a departure from other boys his age, who prefer playing video games on their gadgets.

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For most of his life, he has seen his mom and family life through the diagnosis. In the last few months, Bekki’s cancer has spread to her spine and liver. Although she is in pain, Bekki still does her best to support Edward. In turn, Edward wants to support his mother by making the 450 ft climb to the top of the Old Man of Hoy. Located just off the north coast of Scotland, the Old Man of Hoy is a favorite among climbers as it has the most amazing views.

Climbers Against Cancer, Breast Cancer


This is the first time that a child has attempted the climb. Edward was accompanied by experienced hikers Ben West and Cailean Harker.

This is the reason why he wanted to raise money for Climbers Against Cancer. CAC is a charity founded by climber John Ellison. When he was diagnosed with cancer and secondary cancer, John got into thinking how he would be able to survive. According to his own words, he saw how climbing brings people together and only together can cancer be truly conquered. As an experienced climber, John knows that it takes a lot of heart and courage to be able to climb a mountain. Furthermore, a climber needs the support of a community to be able to prepare and finish a climb. John wanted to show people that the same principles can be applied in the battle against cancer.

When they first planned this climb, the organizers weren’t sure if Bekki would be around to witness Edward conquer the Old Man.  Fortunately, Bekki was well enough to see her son reach his goal and become the youngest person to make the climb.

This feat is a showcase of what can be possible if you just set your mind to it.


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