Breast Cancer Pink Headbands for Women’s Basketball

Wearing pink to raise awareness for breast cancer is an idea that has taken off over the last few years and everyone wants to get involved.

Women’s basketball players can easily get involved by simply wearing pink headbands during their games. These headbands are cheap enough to buy in bulk for the whole team and sweat bands are very useful during any sporting event.

While some breast cancer accessories are difficult to buy in bulk due to sizing, there are no such issues with headbands. Buy enough for the whole team and anyone can wear any headband. Bright pink headbands are popular for high school women’s basketball, as pink is a well loved accessory for many girls.

Since pink headbands are very hard wearing, they will likely last more than just one game and will provide several games of usage for the whole women’s basketball team, while raising awareness for breast cancer.

Considering the cost and versatility of pink headbands, they can be used for more than just breast cancer awareness month and even worn throughout the year to continue raising awareness

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Whether you choose a plain pink headband or a headband with the ribbon you will contribute to the cause and helping to raise awareness while playing basketball.