Carl Junction High School Shoots Down Breast Cancer

Have you ever wanted to shoot breast cancer in the face?

Seeing a loved one suffer through breast cancer is a devastating experience. Once full of life and dreams, cancer slowly takes everything away from our loved ones.  The fight against the Big C is mentally, emotionally, spiritually and physically draining. Seeing a parent, a friend or a mentor go through this can make anyone wish breast cancer die a painful death.

Frankie Goforth knows it is not possible to physically hurt breast cancer. At just 17 years old, she has seen two of her family members suffer through the disease. This is why Frankie is always on the lookout for opportunities to hit back at breast cancer.

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As part of the Carl Junction High School Archery Team, Frankie found a way to do just that. Last Saturday, Frankie joined the rest of the team for the school’s annual Pink Shoot archery tournament.

Frankie and her team mates showed up in their best pink gear. The team shot their arrows away to raise $340 for the Hope 4 You Breast Cancer Foundation. Hope 4 You is a grass root charity based in Carl Junction area that provides support to survivors. Aside from that, they also go around the area educating women about breast cancer prevention and treatment.

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Don’t you just love it when the community raises money to help their own!

The Carl Junction community is a shining example at how we can put an end to breast cancer together. You don’t have to hold big events to make a difference!

The tournament was split into three categories: elementary, middle school and high school. Teams from 10 area schools gathered at Carl Junction High School and tried their best to out shoot one another.

Archery Team Coach Chelsi Leggett started the team’s Pink Shoot initiative. She was inspired by members of the team whose lives have been touched by breast cancer. Four years into the tourney, Ms. Leggett still sees the positive impact made by the event.

Frankie is cheered on by her mother Brandy, who is now cancer free. She now spends her time at Mercy’s Cancer Center hoping to relight the spark of hope amongst her fellow survivors. Also in attendance is the president of Hope 4 You Sharon Clark. Clark’s recovery from breast and uterine cancer is what kept her going. She hopes to help other women in the community by paying for life saving mammograms.

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