Autonation Cure Bowl Donates $3M to Breast Cancer Research

 America’s largest automotive retailer looks to make an impact in breast cancer research.

Corporate Social Responsibility is defined as a corporation’s initiative to take responsibility for their effects on the environment. Over the last few years, a growing number of companies started to become involved in helping communities or pursuing causes. It shows customers that they are not only after profit but also making a positive impact in the world.

breast cancer research, football

One good example is Chipotle and Intermarche’s “Inglorious Fruit and Vegetable” initiative. It aims to decrease the amount of food wasted in grocery stores because they look imperfect. Consumers re encouraged to give “Inglorious” food a second chance with a  a 30% discount. So far, the initiative is a complete success – consumers get cheaper, quality products and growers get paid for produce that were previously thrown away.

This  win-win situation  is what AutoNation wants to achieve. And it was a glorious day for all breast cancer survivors when they decided to take on the challenge.

They have always been a community conscious company, always on a lookout to give back to their loyal customers.

For the past three years, they have been on a relentless campaign to raise awareness and funds for the Breast Cancer Research Foundation. Last October, AutoNation’s 27,000 strong associates participated in the very first DRIVE PINK event. Team members drove across the country to deliver gift bags to survivors which contained care supplies to help them through their ordeal.

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Children and Adults who were being treated for cancer were given specially curated gift bags.  Their national presence, trusted brand and millions of loyal customers have worked well in favor of breast cancer survivors.

Breast Cancer Research, Football

With the help of the Orlando Sports Foundation, AutoNation has helped raise over $3 million for the cause.

The Cure Bowl has become the largest private funder of breast cancer research in the world. It began in 2015, as a partnership between the Orlando Sports Foundation and AutoNation. In just 3 years, the event has raised over $3 million for the BCRF. It’s aim is to bring different sports teams together to find a cure for cancer while using AutoNation’s audience to spread awareness.

Breast Cancer Research, Football


The turnover ceremony was held during the 2017 AutoNation Cure Bowl at the Camping World Stadium in Orlando. During half time, 15 survivors took the field to showcase the AutoNation DRIVE Pink Quilt. Over 200 AutoNation employees banded together to create the magnificent 20-foot long quilt. Associates made each square by hand to honor a loved one who had a brush with cancer. The realization that many among AutoNation’s own team have lost a loved one to cancer has moved many to tears.

We wish AutoNation the best of luck in the coming years!

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