“Chemo Sisters” Raises Money for Miles of Hope

They say that everything is better with a friend… even breast cancer.

The same could be said for Lori Heneka and June Kimbark who were each other’s rock during their chemotherapy treatments for breast cancer. It was their friendship that kept them going through the darkest of times. Both Lori and June found a gem in each other despite being diagnosed with breast cancer-proof that there is always a silver lining.

Breast Cancer, Miles of Hope

Both Lori and Heneka were honored at the 15th Miles of Hope Family Fun Run and Walk last April 28 for their remarkable service to the community. Despite having been diagnosed, these ladies did not let the Big C stop them from spreading hope and positivity.

Miles of Hope is a 100% community-run charity that is fueled by a desire to make a difference. Just how much of a difference do you ask? Well, that’s about $250,000 worth. Yup! Over a quarter of a million dollars have been raised by this community to help local women with breast cancer.

This year’s event was held at Tymor Park in Union Vale with over 200 participants. Not to be outdone, 23 kids also finished the 5K race and did their part to raise money for survivors. The 2018 event raised a little over $18,000 which brings the entire total to the $250,000 mark.

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Miles of Hope 2017 was blessed with good weather and a good turnout.

According to Lynne Kopac, event founder, and cancer survivor:

“It was an all-around fantastic day with good weather, lots of participants, and a wonderful fundraising effort for the Miles of Hope Breast Cancer Foundation where all the money stays in the Hudson Valley to support families dealing with breast cancer.”

All proceeds were used to help local survivors in their everyday lives. We all know that the big C takes a really big financial toll on families, especially those living in a single household. This is the importance of grassroots efforts such as Miles of Hope because they know survivors on a personal level. Even the simple act of cooking meals for the family has such a big impact, don’t you think?

Miles of Hope also shoulder medical expenses that aren’t covered by insurance. They can also arrange for peer to peer counseling where volunteers visit survivors in their home. A college scholarship fund for high school students whose lives have been affected by breast cancer is also available.

You can go ahead and visit their website at Miles for Hope where you can find resources for both survivors and advocates.

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