Chip in Fore Breast Cancer Event Makes a Splash in Ellensburg, WA

There is no denying that the residents of Ellensburg, WA were big fans of golf. In fact, the Ellensburg Golf Course was where the community often gets together to relax, unwind and occasionally, raise money for a good cause.

This year, the residents chose to support the Fred Hutchinson Research Center and the Cancer Research Institute in their fight against breast cancer. The course was happily doused in pink decoration has hundreds of volunteers and golf enthusiasts flocked to see who will take home the big prize.

Chip in 'Fore' Cancer

Attendees were happily greeted by the volunteers at the registration table where they were given complimentary golf balls. The registration table was also the hub for giving away information about cancer prevention, detection, and interventions.

Chip In Goes Beyond Breast Cancer

The 18-Hole Event was the local club’s yearly contribution to raising funds for cancer prevention and treatment. For many in the community, cancer has been a plague that never seemed to end. Chip in Fore Cancer is actually an event that has been adopted by numerous clubs around the country in partnership with the American Cancer Society. Golf, along with volleyball and basketball, were among the top events that contribute to raising funds for a cure.

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Debbie Whitman, who has been one of the event’s most enthusiastic supporters, takes this year’s event at heart especially since her son was recently diagnosed with Gastrinoma. In an interview, Whitman had this to say about including other cancers during this year’s event: “The club has been involved in Race for the Cure (for breast cancer), but this year we wanted to bring awareness to all different types of cancers.”

The team’s palpable excitement inspired many breast cancer advocates to make the drive to participate including Debbie’s good friend Gina Sjolander. Like her friend, Gina also has a personal reason why she went all the way from King County to participate in the event – both her mother and half-brother died from cancer.

The 18-Hole event aimed to raise $3,000 that day but because of the overwhelming response, they were able to raise $4,000! How’s that for their first event?

Now that the team knows just how many people feel strongly about finding a cure, they’re inspired to make it an annual event. Aside from the tourney participants, funds were also sourced from local businesses, sponsors and organizations.

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