Coldwater Teams Come Together for Breast Cancer

Missouri High School invokes the power of 3 against breast cancer.

COLDWATER, MI – Coldwater High School went where no fundraiser has gone before. While most breast cancer awareness campaigns are bent on painting the town pink, the Missouri school went purple.

coldwater hs, volleyball, swimming, football, breast cancer

This is their way of saying that the plight of breast cancer survivors is not defined by just one color. Survivors and their families experience cancer differently and that’s ok. While pink is a color that celebrates power and strength, purple recognizes the struggle and pain that comes with a breast cancer diagnosis. In honor of these unsung heroes, the CHS community celebrates with the color purple.

The CHS football, volleyball and swim teams came together to raise funds for breast cancer survivors in their community. In addition, the event also aims to raise awareness about the disease to promote early detection and treatment.

Prior to the big event, all three teams held their own fundraising activities. Team members worked their way through t-shirt sales, can and bottle collection, jersey sales and bake sales just to name a few. They rallied the whole community together against a common foe, which resulted to their remarkable results.

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Needless to say, the first Fight the Fight, Find A Cure event was a complete success. The event raised over $6000 with $3,154.50 donated to the CHC Cancer Center. Meanwhile, a total of $2,554.50 was given to the American Cancer Society. The remaining funds were given to CHS Principal Bill Mines to help cover the costs of his cancer treatment.

Cancer hits close to home for many of the members of the CHS community.

During the game, members of the football and volleyball team wore purple jerseys bearing the name of cancer survivors in the community. This was actually part of the fundraising initiative, where members of the community can buy jerseys in honor of their loved ones. The jerseys were given back to the families at the end of the game.

coldwater hs, volleyball, swimming, football, breast cancer

Meanwhile, the swim team championed a high energy “Chuck-A-Duck” challenge at their home game. They also wore purple swim caps to show their solidarity with the other sports teams. Also in purple were the school’s bands, who filled the events with pomp and circumstance.

The organizers are looking to make Fight the Fight, Find A Cure an annual event. Judging by their success and the impact that this had on their community, we are hoping that they will!

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