Devonport Striker ‘Pitches’ Against Breast Cancer

Now that October is just around the corner, football and soccer clubs in Australia have been working non-stop to raise money for breast cancer awareness. Their combined efforts raised over $10,000 to augment education and treatment efforts of various organizations in the North-West.

The Devonport Strikers were just one of the hundreds of teams to pitch in this year’s efforts. Their June 29th game against South Hobart was dedicated to spreading awareness about breast cancer. Millions of fans watched the teams play their best clad in all-pink gear during the NPL Tasmania Clash.

Goalkeeper Nathan Pitchford played two positions during the Pink Game. As the team’s goalkeeper, he did his best to keep South Hobart at bay. Second, he is one of the main organizers of the event!

Key man: Devonport's Nathan Pitchford pushed the club to organise
the Strikers' McGrath Foundation Pink Game. Picture: Brodie Weeding.
Nathan Pitchford of the Devonport Strikers. CTTO

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Wearing two hats came naturally to Pitchford, who wanted to do his best for his team and for breast cancer survivors. As someone with firsthand experience with breast cancer, he wanted to do his part in spreading awareness. And what better way to do this than during an exciting game of football?

“At the Strikers, we are a big club with such a strong connection to the community, it felt like we could use our community and our profile as a sporting organization to raise money for a great cause.”

Pitchford’s close call came with the breast cancer diagnosis of Ms. Theresa Andrews, the wife of former club president Rod Andrews. This, plus his own personal loss gave him the motivation to get his whole club into supporting the cause.

Funds raised during the Pink Game will be directed to the McGrath Foundation.

The teams chose the McGrath Foundation because of the help they extended to the Andrews during their battle their breast cancer. The team saw the importance of supporting non-profit organizations like McGrath who make a big difference in the lives of survivors.

The McGrath Foundation funds the training and support for Breast Care Nurses. These specially trained professionals provide support to survivors and their families from diagnosis to post-treatment. They have become an invaluable member of these families, guiding them throughout their ordeal. For many, Breast Care Nurses were a constant source of strength, compassion, and guidance.

The partnership between the Devonport Strikers and the McGrath Foundation ensures that more survivors will get the help they need. Find out more about how you can make a difference by supporting the McGrath Foundation!

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