DIY Breast Cancer Awareness Fundraising Items

Fundraising for Breast Cancer Awareness doesn’t need to cost a lot of money. Even if you can’t buy lots of pink fundraising items for breast cancer awareness you can easily make some DIY items to wear and to sell.

If you are good at sewing, you could make some basic shirts in pink and embroider the pink ribbon on the front. If you can’t sew, then instead you can buy pink shirts in bulk and iron on the breast cancer emblem or breast cancer awareness text and sell them to raise money. Plain pink shirts work just as well for breast cancer fund raising; you could even buy white shirts and dye them yourself.

You could buy some plain, white cloth bags and dye them all pink, or stitch a large pink ribbon on the front; you could try using fabric paint to write breast cancer awareness on the bag, the options really are endless.

DIY breast cancer awareness items give your fundraising a personal touch and a unique feel that bought items do not have. You can sell your DIY pink fundraising items and donate the money to raise breast cancer awareness.