In Focus: The 7th Annual Battle for Breast Cancer

In the battle against breast cancer, any kind of help matters.

This is what Field Hockey Coach Paula Doughty had in mind when she started the Battle for Breast Cancer Fundraising Event seven years ago.

breast cancer, fund raising gear, charity, field hockey

Paula Doughty

Coach Doughty had known quite a number of community members who, aside from battling the disease itself, are also struggling to afford treatment. In her 43 years of service to the Skowhegan High School, she saw how breast cancer was made even more difficult for those who are struggling financially.

I came in contact with a lot of people in that situation. The money goes to any working man or woman who is either underinsured or can’t afford health insurance,” the Hall of Famer said when asked about who were the beneficiaries of the event.

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The event’s benefactors are community members who were unable to afford  lifesaving diagnostic tests such as genetic testing and breast imaging.  Assistance was also given to those who couldn’t afford to get checked or did not have money for gas to go to their treatments.

breast cancer, fund raising gear, charity, field hockey

Martha B. Webber Breast Care Center

Battle for Breast Cancer has raised over $130,000 and has helped over 80 patients being treated at the Martha B. Webber Breast Care Center in Farmington.

This year, 8 high school teams entered the tourney held last Saturday at Thomas College in Waterville.  The middle school competition was joined by 4 middle schools from the area.

This tourney is about spreading awareness and giving back to the community.

The students did not stop there though. Participants helped build the hype by hosting fundraising activities days before the main event. Students from Skowhegan Highschool spent their 4th of July weekend collecting donations at their local Wal-Mart. Meanwhile, the girls from Winslow High hosted a bottle drive and donated all profits to the cause.

Other participating teams include Mt. Blue High School, Messalonskee of Oakland, Winthrop, Dexter, Lawrence of Fairfield and Spruce Mountain of Jay.

breast cancer, fund raising gear, charity, field hockey

Indeed, it’s never too early to teach the value of helping others!

We at Breast Cancer Football Gear fully support community based events such as the Battle for Breast Cancer. Simple efforts can make all the difference for those who are currently living with the disease.

If you’re planning to start a similar event in your own community, let us know! We’d be happy to help you come up with custom made giveaways and items you can use to raise funds for your beneficiaries.

Let’s work together to win the fight against breast cancer.

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