Get an Edge and Support the Cause with “Get a Grip” Balance Bands

Get a Grip balance bands for breast cancer represents cure, hope and support from families and friends, patients and breast cancer survivors. Breast cancer awareness month is celebrated during the month of October and through this event, people are wearing breast cancer awareness accessories to show their undying support regarding this issue.

As a support for curing breast cancer, certain companies offer ionic balance bracelet. It is designed with detailed formula that allows your bracelet to release around 1500 of negative ions per cm3. Through this ionic bracelet, it aids to improve your flexibility, endurance, balance and your well-being as a whole. Every single day, you are facing positive ions from cell phones, computers as well as other electronic gadgets.  Attaining numbers of positive ions can cause an unbalance set to your body. Wearing ionic bracelet aids to correct the imbalance and making your everyday routine easier for you to feel better.  One side of the ionic bracelet has a Get a Grip logo and the other side indicates the phrase support the cause check a breast together with pink breast cancer ribbon.

Wearing ionic bracelets provide lots of benefits such as:

  • more energetic and alert
  • strong immune system
  • deeper sleeping
  • waking up more refreshed

There are breast awareness gears available to show your undying support regarding breast cancer issue. One of these gears is the ionic bracelets that also serve as a pink gear for athletes because it is very powerful in stimulating negative ions needed in boosting their strength and stamina. Wearing these simple yet advantageous ionic bracelets will let you show your full support in breast cancer issue and at the same time, it aids you to become more productive.

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