What Goes Around Comes Around: How A Rescued Pup Saved Her Owner’s Life

When Josie Conlan adopted Ted from an abusive home, she thought she was saving a life. A few months later, it turns out there were two lives to be saved.

Ted was abused as a puppy which explains his reserved behavior unusually observed in pups of his breed and age. It was uncharacteristic of him to show any signs affection at all. This is why Josie suspected something was wrong when he started to paw and nuzzle at Josie’s chest repeatedly. One day, Josie followed her instinct and palpated the area Ted frequently touched. After a few minutes, she was surprised found a lump.

“I have had Ted for about a year and he was quite a timid dog when I first got him but we soon became very close. He had been badly abused and the bond we formed was incredibly close. I feel as though it is fate that we found each other. I saved him, then he saved me. He is not normally very affectionate, and would never normally paw me in such a way. That is why I knew something was wrong.”

Josie quickly sought the help of her doctors and undergone tests which later revealed that she had stage 3 Breast Cancer.  The good news is that the cancer was found just in the nick of time- it hasn’t spread to her lymph nodes just yet. The doctors also told her that the cancer was growing quicker than normal and if not for her prompt response would have claimed her life in the next few months.

Josie accredited Ted for not giving up on her until she found her lump.  She is now undergoing chemotherapy and radiation therapy and she and Ted are closer than ever.

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