Haddon Heights’ Cheers for Pink

There’s a reason why the residents of Haddon Heights look forward to their town’s impressive array of Pink events.

Sippin’ on Station is one initiative of Heights in Progress – a local business group that aims to draw more visitors to the small, but robust town of Haddon Heights. A pop-up wine and beer festival, Sippin’ on Station has been a way to showcase the best spirits they have to offer. This year, it’s going to get pink.

This June, their Sippin’ on Station event is getting a major makeover. Aside from celebrating local breweries and spirits, they are adding a new event this year with “Cheer Pink”. In partnership with the Tytanna Foundation, Hadon Heights is bringing out all the best Rosé wines to raise awareness about Breast Cancer.

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A partnership between a local beer and wine festival and the Tytanna Foundation (TF) is bound to happen. Their unconventional approach to raising awareness are tell-tale signs that Cheer Pink is right up this vivacious’ foundations’ corner. The Tytanna Foundation wants to fight the stereotypes and decrease the stigma that comes from a breast cancer diagnosis. Every June, TF hosts BreastFest in Haddon Heights.

Haddon Heights, Tytanna Foundation

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Community leaders were quick to spot how Sippin on Station and BreastFest would be mutually beneficial to the cause. This two in one event is shaping up to be quite the Saturday evening. Food trucks will line the 500 and 600 blocks of Station Avenue including local favorites SJ Mobile Café, Oink and Moo, Mannino’s Cannoli and Not Your Mama’s Tacos.

Live music will start at 4PM lead by local favorites Sidecar Productions, Callahan Booking & Jeremiah Stone and Wayside Shakeup.

Of course, we did say this event was all about beer and wine.

Local brewers Lunacy Brewing Company, Spellbound Brewing of Mount Holly and the Tonewood Brewing Company will be among those serving up craft beer to attendees. There will also be a healthy selection of Rosé wine in the mix.

Each serving of wine and beer will cost $5 each. All glasses will be etched with the event’s official tag #HipforTytanna. All proceeds will be benefiting the Tytanna Foundation.

Don’t forget to drop by the Cheer Pink Event in Haddon Heights come September 30th.

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