High School Football & Supporting The Cause

Various forms of neoplasm in the mammary gland can be met in every second woman after the age of 30 years. Most of such neoplasms are benign and they do not make any harm to the health and lives. Malignant neoplasms (particularly breast cancer) are not so common (in ten times less), but still they are one of the leading types of cancer in women after age 40. Today’s experience in the fight against breast cancer suggests that it is possible to achieve early detection and effective treatment of cancer pathology through systematic checkups. Also, every woman needs to carry out breast self-check.

The campaign against breast cancer has gained really huge scale. Billions of people around the world can take part in breast cancer awareness campaign. The only thing you need to do is to buy pink breast cancer awareness items. For example, you are a high school student and you play football – you can make changes with help of pink gear for high school sports (pink shirts, pink headbands, etc.). You can show good example to your teammates. People with breast cancer should know that they are not alone. They should fight and they will win! Together we will win!