Hockey Lovers Host The Battle For Breast Cancer

The residents of Farmington, Maine are gearing up for one of the year’s most anticipated events: The Annual Battle For Breast Cancer. The benefit is set to be held this coming July 13th at Thomas College in Waterville.

Now on its 8th year, Battle for Breast Cancer continues to inspire, motivate and spread awareness among the residents of Farmington. Aside from appealing to the town’s love for hockey, it also has a special place in the heart of residents such as Paula Doughty.

Breast Cancer, Hockey

In an interview, Ms. Doughty has expressed the reason why they are still as passionate about the benefit now as they were 8 years ago. “Money raised is used to support those with breast cancer living in Central Maine with health-care costs as well as practical resources for patients, such as gas cards and help with child care, which may impact patient care.”

Indeed, the cost of breast cancer treatment can be a burden to any household. Even if the survivor’s hospitalization and surgeries are somehow covered by insurance, there are still many expenses that add to household expenses. The wonderful thing about this home-grown initiative is that it is all about neighbors helping neighbors. The community is aware that not all of them are properly insured –

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Battle for Breast Cancer is a round robin benefit that involves several hockey teams from different high schools in the area: Skowhegan, Messalonskee, Mt. Blue, Lawrence, Dirigo, Dexter, Nokomis, MCI, Winslow, Erskine Academy, and Winthrop.

A practical approach to helping Survivors through treatment

The money raised from the events are used to help locals get access to imaging, lab services, consultation, etc. The group is working closely with the Martha B. Webber Breast Care Center located within Franklin Memorial Hospital. Over the last 8 years, Battle for Breast Cancer has raised over $200,000 for the Breast Care Center. Aside from this exciting hockey tournament, they are raising money all year round through car washes, bottle drives and personal solicitations.

In addition, the money is also used to help survivors in more practical ways such as child care and transportation to and from treatment centers. These may seem insignificant, but it does make an impact for so many families in the community.

If you are living near the area and looking for something special to do this weekend, we highly recommend going to this event on the 13th. Check out their Facebook page for more information!

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