Breast Cancer Survivors Get Support From HS Hockey Tourney

Waterville, Maine – Nine high school teams will be competing for the top spot in the 8th Annual Central Main Field Hockey Battle for Breast Cancer on July 21st.

Breast Cancer, Martha Webber

The tourney will be held at Thomas College in Waterville and is expected to attract cancer warriors from nearby communities. Since its inception, Battle for Breast Cancer has been a beacon of hope for survivors and their families. Aside from raising awareness, the event raises money to help survivors in the simplest ways.

Cancer affects every aspect of a person’s life – from the way they go about their day to their ability to prepare their own meals.

This is why aside from raising money for research, it is also important for advocates to attend to these simple needs. In 2017, over $35,000 was used to help survivors with childcare, transportation and treatment costs. Another thing to admire from this event is that 100% of the money raised goes to survivors – which means it runs on the efforts of selfless volunteers.

This year’s committee chair is field hockey coach Paula Doughty. As a member of the Maine Sports Hall of Fame, Paula is a well-known sports figure in and around the community. She has been the wind beneath the wings of the tourney and ensures its success every year. It’s hard to believe that it has been eight years since the first event. Starting with just 4 teams, Paula and her co-coaches couldn’t believe how much their family has grown.

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Patients being seen at the Martha B. Webber Breast Cancer Care Center are the main benefactors of the tourney. One of the reasons why the Battle for Breast Cancer continues to attract supporters is its community-based approach. Advocates are delighted to see their families and neighbors benefit from the money raised from the event. The Care Center is based inside one of Maine’s most reputable hospitals, the Franklin Memorial Hospital in Farmington.

As part of the event, breast cancer advocates get to meet the people who are directly affected by their efforts.

It is a truly moving moment when survivors and their families personally share how much the tourney has helped them through their ordeal. The sense of community and support is overwhelming!

If you live near Waterville, come and join the fun on July 21st! There will be booths, awareness campaigns and fun games for attendees. Spectators will be charged $5 and $2 for adults and children respectively. As always, 100% of the funds will go directly to the Martha B. Webber Breast Cancer Care Center.

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