Is There Life Beyond Breast Cancer?

It’s hard to imagine what life there is left to live after being diagnosed with breast cancer. Chemotherapy, Radiation Therapy, depression and hardship is what most women see after the phrase “You have cancer…” It is a life sentence; an end to all future plans, dreams and happiness. But, there is always a silver lining to every problem. Cancer has also made the human spirit triumph over and over. It has seen strength and hope spring from the unlikeliest of sources.  Families and communities unite to help take care of family, friends and neighbors afflicted by the disease. Truly, Cancer makes people go through the worst times of their lives, but also give them a chance to appreciate what matters most.

Reliable support groups and resources are also a source of comfort from survivors and their families. It makes them feel like they’re not alone in the Big C department and that there are people who are willing to offer them help. Groups like Living Beyond Breast Cancer empowers women and their families with the right information, support and resources. They aim to educate these women and enable them to make educated decisions about their life after being diagnosed with cancer. There are also resources available for family and caregivers. Often forgotten, these silent heroes also need help in supporting their loved ones through their journey.

Living Beyond Breast Cancer also hosts several fund raising activities throughout the year in different location. Their most popular event is Yoga on the Steps – a one hour yoga class that aims to raise awareness, encourage supervised physical activity with treatment and raise funds. The program is designed by Jennifer Schelter for all body types and physical prowess. Participants can go by themselves or invite family or friends to the event.

After classes, the participants are treated to a Healthy Living Expo where they can get in touch with industry experts that can help you with nutrition, exercise and beauty during treatment. These seminars can help you understand the changes that you will see and how you can minimize treatment side effects.

If you live in or near these cities, Yoga on the Steps is not an event you’d want to miss. This event will put you in touch with your fellow survivors and/or advocates. Plus, if you’ve always wanted to try yoga but never had the chance to, well, this opportunity gives you the chance to do just that and a chance to help breast cancer survivors and their families.

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There is hope and life beyond breast cancer made possible by the love of family and friends, the help of health professionals and the community that groups like Living Beyond Breast Cancer brings.

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