How to Make your Team Go All Pink

Breast cancer – it is the most common form of cancer in women. According to mammalogists nowadays the rate of woman with breast cancer is 1:12. Few years ago this rate was 1:8 and of course this decrease of number of woman with breast cancer is a result of a great international breast cancer awareness campaign. Many people around the world make small contributions – they buy pink ribbons, pink T-shirts, they conduct some sport events or breast cancer awareness parties. And all this shows great results in terms of decreasing of women with breast cancer.

If you made a decision to do your contribution in this great deal and, for example, you want to make your team go all pink we will give you few advices on how to do it. First of all remind your teammates that each of us has woman in family and all they are at risk of having a breast cancer. Show them the abovementioned statistics about the decrease of breast cancer rate. Explain them that the small contribution in form of pink T-shirts or armbands will become a great help for people with breast cancer. Tell them also that only together we can be strong.