Mind, Body and Diet: The Changes You Can Make Today!

Is there such as thing as an anti-cancer regimen?

If there is, then it would no doubt be the most controversial, most coveted medical breakthrough of all time. No human would ever have to live in fear of cancer and families would be freed from seeing their loved ones succumb to the disease. There is no doubt that one day in the future we would be able to figure out how to end cancer for good. But for now, there are three things that we need to strengthen to lessen our risk – our mind, body and diet.

The phrase “It’s all in the mind” couldn’t be truer. The brain is our most powerful organ and is capable of many amazing things. Studies have shown that while stress cannot directly cause cancer, it can affect the way our bodies react to it. Our bodies produce certain hormones during periods of stress that causes inflammation (encouraged the growth and spread of tumors), impairs tissue repair and dampens the immune system.  Cancer patients who have received psychological support are also noted to be less prone to developing depression during and after treatment.

Keeping the body healthy through cancer is a difficult task. Our bodies need to be able to fight off cancer and side effects of treatment simultaneously. This puts the body in great stress. This is why being in good physical condition is important whether or not you are at risk for cancer.

Our bodies need a variety of nutrients from different sources to be able to function effectively. A healthy mix of meat, fruit, vegetables and grains are needed to supply the body with the vitamins and minerals to be able to create, repair and most importantly, fight off invaders such as cancer.

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While scientists haven’t yet figured out how to finally put a stop to the disease, taking care of our mind and bodies is what all of us can today to help ourselves. Activities such as Yoga or Tai Chi trains both mind and body to handle stress better. Regular physical activity strengthens the immune system, reduces blood pressure and sugar levels and most importantly, regulates hormones which if left unchecked might cause cancers of the breast, ovaries or uterus.

There are numerous food items given the title “Anti-Cancer”. Most are antioxidants such as Japanese Green Tea or anti-inflammatory such as Tunic and Curry. Ginger is known both as an antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and can also help curb the side effects of chemotherapy. You can detoxify with Cruciform Vegetables (Chinese Cabbage, Bok Choi, Broccoli, etc.) that can cause the suicide of cancer cells. Most experts also recommend cooking or incorporating these foods with olive oil or cooking them to activate these properties.

These are but simple things any of us can do to reduce our risk. For more information, you can visit Pink Ribbon.

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