A New Life After Cancer: Woman Gives Birth After Chemotherapy

Chemotherapy works by killing cancer cells, but it doesn’t stop there.

Since the treatment cannot distinguish between healthy and cancerous cells, a woman’s reproductive cells aren’t safe either.

A Miracle in Pain

Sarah Pickles had battled breast cancer for two years before she had been given the all clear in 2016. She was treated at the world renowned The Christie Cancer Hospital and given a promising new chemotherapy drug called Carboplatin.

Sarah had received her first miracle when all seven of her tumors were successfully treated.

breast cancer, survival story, inspiration, cure

Sarah Pickles

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“For me dying was not an option, it was just not, I had to do everything I could to get me through it.”

When Sarah felt back pain, and her doctors thought her nightmare had come back. All were pleasantly surprised when instead of cancer, a new life was found growing inside her.

breast cancer, survival story, inspiration, cure

Baby Monty at 12 Weeks

After her treatment, Sarah was given only a 1% chance of pregnancy even with the help of IVF. Sarah and her husband Dave accepted their odds, but still wanted to give their first-born Lillie a sibling in the future.

When Sarah learned that she was pregnant, she wanted to tell her husband Dave straight away. Unfortunately, he was busy climbing Mt. Everest at that time. Imagine learning about this miracle when your thousands of miles away!

When their son Monty was born, Sarah and Dave couldn’t be any happier. They are living testimony that there is still hope of life for survivors.

The Shock Factor

Now a Best-Selling Author, Sarah wants to share her story with survivors who are in the same predicament. Her book, The Shock Factor narrates how Sarah and her family managed to win the battle against the Big C.

A Lack of Education

According to the American Cancer Society, education about fertility should start before cancer treatment begins. However, studies suggest that not everyone is given information about fertility preservation. Survivors who want the possibility of having children after treatment should talk with their health care provider. Options such as egg freezing, ovary preservation and adoption can be considered.

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