Novelty Items for Breast Cancer Month

Breast cancer month – it is an annual international program organized by societies who fight against breast cancer, in order to distribute information about the disease and to raise funds for activities for the prevention, diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation. The program also offers information and support to all those who are struck by the disease. The entire month (October) is dedicated to the fight against breast cancer; the program includes a variety of activities. You can see that there are novelty items to sell during breast cancer month. For example, each of us can buy pink 1 inch silicone wristbands to show our support and help in terms of fund rising. This disease has no boundaries and every woman can face with it, that is why it is so important to buy pink 1 inch silicone wristbands.
Why pink? In the Western world, pink is often associated with the color of girls, and blue – the color of the boys. Pink is the color of life, health and beauty, symbolizing all things, which are the opposite of cancer. Breast cancer – it is a serious disease of women, including the case that it can damage self-perception of women as women, because breast is a strong associative element of femininity.