SUFTC: ‘Paddle For Breast Cancer’ Breaks Records

When a community comes together for breast cancer, it can achieve anything.

Organizers of the Stand-Up for the Cure fundraiser did not expect such a huge crowd. Over 700 breast cancer warriors showed up at Harbor Towne Beach in Muskegon, MI last July 8 to show support for the team’s awareness campaign.

SUFTC, breast cancer, paddle for breast cancer

Currently on its third run, the Paddle-Board fundraiser continuously receives support from nearby communities. Last year, there was an impressive 550 people turnout. The organizers considered the 150+ attendees to be fruits of their past efforts.

“That’s a big jump for a little Midwest paddling event, so it’s a pretty big deal,” said one of the organizers.

Paddle for Breast Cancer helped similar events held in California and Miano raise over $1 Million for breast cancer research, awareness, diagnostic and education.

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Isn’t it amazing how a simple awareness initiative bloomed into a community’s passion for others?

Over its three-year run, Paddle for Breast Cancer has continued to throw events that would attract audiences of all ages. This year’s event featured a 5K paddling event, relay races, yoga sessions and professional paddle board instructions from Hawaii-based teachers. In addition, attendees had the option to undergo free breast cancer and melanoma screenings on site.

SUFTC, breast cancer, paddle for breast cancer

We laud their efforts to reach out to all members of the community to raise awareness for breast cancer! Survivors and warriors came together for the Sea of Pink event where all participants were in the water before the 5K race. It was an emotional scene, especially for survivors, to see how many supported their cause.

SUFTC, breast cancer, paddle for breast cancer

“It brings tears to my eyes. Sometimes, you feel a little alone in your fight, and this just brings it all together.” Said survivor Jackie Somerville.

All proceeds were donated to the Susan G. Komen Foundation for West Michigan.

If you want to get involved in a similar event, check out their Facebook page. If you need any help pulling off a similar event, please don’t forget to give us a call. We would be happy to supply you with reasonably priced giveaways for your needs.

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