Pink Athletic Wear for the Cause

Since the inception of National Breast Cancer Awareness Month in October of 1985, the movement for increased funding for breast cancer research, as well as supporting prescreening measures in women, has grown in leaps and bounds. And since the Breast Cancer Research Foundation started using a pink ribbon to represent this movement in 1993, pink breast cancer awareness apparel sales have shot through the roof. Especially when it comes to pink ribbon athletic accessories, including pink wrist sweatbands and, of course, the always fashionable pink socks.

From October 1st to October 31st, you probably see pink just about everywhere. There are banners underneath stop lights, donation jars at just about every checkout lane, and the pink ribbon bumper stickers seem to multiply tenfold. While it’s fantastic that October has become so synonymous with awareness and research of this terrifying illness, sporting your pink athletic wear for the other 11 months of the year can help to ensure that those around you do not forget the importance of screening and further funding for research.

Think about it: whether you’re going for a jog through your neighborhood or hitting up your local gym, wearing pink wrist sweatbands or pink socks can send a subconscious message to those around you. Pink stands out, which is probably why Evelyn Lauder chose the color for her Breast Cancer Research Foundation. And, despite what Vogue tells you, pink does, in fact, go with everything.

So instead of waiting until October to wear or purchase your pink ribbon athletic accessories, how about doing so now? These items support one of the most important causes of our time, and it’s just as important to keep breast cancer research and funding in mind in April as it is October.

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