Pink Awareness Headband

Unfortunately, many women still believe that breast cancer does not concern them, that they do not have to even think or know about it. Some believe in a variety of myths that surround this disease. The meaning of the breast cancer awareness campaign is to distribute accurate information about breast cancer and fight against it.

Today, the scale of the distribution of symbols of campaign – pink ribbons, pink headbands, etc. – and informational materials reached 100 million. General audience of the campaign is more than a billion people. High school basketball players, golf players, professional tennis players – many and many people wear pink breast cancer awareness items to show their support. They wear breast cancer awareness headbands, pink wristbands and many other items, which are associated with breast cancer awareness program.

Doctors from the whole world identify more than one million new cases of breast cancer every year. The disease is dangerous because for a long time it can be invisible, and it can only be prevented through prevention. Lives of tens of thousands of women would be saved if they would be regularly examined with help of mammogram. This campaign is also supported by stars – actors, artists, designers, athletes and many others who wear pink wristbands and pink headbands.