Pink for Cancer Awareness

Each year, the diagnosis “breast cancer” is given to about 50,000 women in our country, only half of them can return to normal life. This disease is especially dangerous because there is no indication in the initial stage, but in the next stages it is very difficult to treat it. Nowadays we all can become a part of breast cancer awareness campaign. For example, you can buy football gear for breast cancer month, pink armbands or pink wristbands.
Initially silicone wristbands appeared in 2004 and originally were a mean of collecting donations by charitable organizations. It all was started by a famous cyclist Lance Armstrong, six-time winner of the “Tour de France,” which along with the Nike Corporation, conducted a campaign for the sale of yellow wristbands with the inscription Livestrong. All the money received was set for the fight against cancer. This mania completely engulfed theU.S.andEuropein 2005, when the bracelets were not only a means of raising money, but also highly fashionable accessory. Cancer awareness campaign can be held anywhere: the only thing you need is to buy cancer awareness products. You can buy some cancer awareness products for your basketball or football team. Remember that only together we can make changes.