Pink Football Arm Sleeve

Pink football arm sleeve has become popular when NFL players began wearing them during the game to commemorate Breast Cancer Awareness month. Though the tradition is better known in the football world, we are now seeing other sports, races and events highlighting the cause.

Breast Cancer Awareness football sleeves are made from high quality fiber like nylon and spandex. This is because the sleeves have to be stretchable and should follow the contours of the athlete’s arm size to achieve a “second skin” feel that you won’t even notice that you are wearing one.

Football sleeves also function as injury prevention by ensuring that the muscles stay warm and flexible as it allows blood to flow to your muscles. Arm sleeves also protect the skin from burns and scrapes, and from too much exposure to the sun. Most arm sleeves also have wicking capacity—it prevents sweat from interfering with the game.

It is apparent that football is a male dominated sport. This fact makes it even more impressive to see men on the field wearing pink football sleeves paired with another pink football gear. The American Cancer Society reports that one in every eight woman gets afflicted by breast cancer. Every male football player has a woman in his life to save after all.

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