Pink Gear For Sports Events & More

It used to be that only in the month of October that people would pay special attention to breast cancer awareness. Football players and various other sports athletes wear pink for that whole month. Now, it seems like people are thinking pink all year long. What do I mean?

Well – every sporting event participant is wearing pink. Pink for marathons, pink for walks, pink for baseball, pink for basketball and pink for you name it.

There are numerous products that can be either worn to events or sold at events. A couple of the more popular ones are pink sweatbands, wristbands and socks.

These bands or socks can really add some color to a sporting event. Going back to what I said earlier about breast cancer awareness being an all year thing these days – you can literally throw a fund raiser whenever you feel appropriate.  High school football and ladies basketball in October is a very great time to spread awareness and throw an event.