Pink Shoelaces for Cleats

Most of the undefeated, victorious football players wear the pink shoelaces for their cleats. Sometimes you may have questioned; why those famous sports club or college football players wear these pink shoelaces? They know what it means to win, and they have taken their attitude of winning from the football field to win one for the cure. These football players had more than just an obstinate aim to beat their competitive team and so they shared the aspiration of beating the breast cancer. With all these aspirations the breast cancer shoelaces for football came to the football field.

The players’ dedication to football didn’t lessen through being a part of wearing pink shoelaces in football games, but it demonstrates all their character as individuals and as a team in supportive to stand against breast cancer by wearing breast cancer shoelaces for football even with devoting the game to the cause.

Some of the football players and many fans know what the breast cancer means as their loved ones touched by this horrible disease, but now almost everybody knows what it means to wear pink shoelaces, sweatbands and ribbons in football season.

Struggling against breast cancer should not be left to these younger football players who wear pink shoelaces, however, whole nation have the responsibility to find a cure for breast cancer. Without being limited to wear pink shoelaces, we must find the cure for breast cancer before we have to battle it with our loving wives, girlfriends and daughters. That’s the message which lies behind the pink shoelaces or breast cancer shoelaces for football.

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