Planning a Breast Cancer Event? Check Out These Party Gifts

When it comes to breast cancer awareness events, promotional items are available in a wide variety of stores, both on and off line, and the possibilities are, to be a little cliché, endless. And as with most things that come in millions of options, the hardest part of choosing breast cancer party gifts is, well, choosing.

As you know, the entire point of a breast cancer awareness event is not only to raise money, but also to raise awareness. So why can’t you just send people home with just a flier or a magnet, or even just expect them to remember the amazing stories of the speakers at your event? Because every person that walks out of the venue has a life, family, job, and friends that occupy most of their time. And because of this, they can’t be expected to keep breast cancer on their top 10, or even their top 100, list of things to think about. But the right pink party accessories can be just the reminder someone needs to donate more time, more money, or raise awareness on their own.

So when you’re choosing your breast cancer party gifts, try to think about the types of items that your guests would want or need to use, or wear, on a daily basis. While bumper stickers and magnets can be fantastic options, they’re often overlooked after a few days; however, personal items like breast cancer athletic wear will likely be used and noticed by not only the guests who take these pink party accessories home, but also by everyone they encounter. A small set of sweat bands or even shoelaces is something small that can make a major impact, and is much less likely to be overlooked than other items common at breast cancer awareness events.

Promotional items are hit or miss for many people; however, with some forethought, they can have just as big of an impact on the breast cancer awareness movement as even the most well planned event!

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