Are You Rocking Pink Socks For The Cause?

School administrators want to encourage their students not just to do well in school, but also to become contributing members of their community. One way to do that is by getting the students in your school engaged in helping to spread breast cancer awareness and do their part to raise funds for breast cancer research. With over 200,000 cases of breast cancer being diagnosed each year chances are good that some students all ready have been effected by breast cancer or know someone that has been. Which makes breast cancer a cause that students can really get behind and support.

Using sporting events such as football, baseball, and cheer leading to raise breast cancer awareness has been effective in many schools. By simply having players and cheer leaders wear pink socks and other inexpensive items Such as shoelaces or sweat bands when participating or attending high school games will help students raise awareness in their own community and the communities of the other teams as well. Using the theme “Are you rocking pink socks for cause” at pep rallies and half time shows can encourage others to take part in breast cancer awareness.

For those students who want to do more than simply raise awareness for breast cancer, having a booth that sells breast cancer awareness items at home games can help them feel that they are really making a difference in finding a cure and treatments for this dreaded disease. There are a lot of inexpensive breast cancer items available that are well within the budget of most high schoolers and having a “I contributed list” will let others know that their friends are all giving to this worthy cause.

If every high school students begins rocking pink socks or other breast cancer awareness items for the cause, it just may be possible to find a cure for this dreaded disease in their life time. So, ask the members of your school if they are rocking pink socks for the cause and if they are not then perhaps, you can get them to start.

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