Rules For Throwing An Awesome Breast Cancer Charity Party

Many people of all ages would like to do more to help raise money for breast cancer awareness and research but, simply aren’t sure how. The easiest and by far the most fun way is to throw a breast cancer charity party. This is really much easier to do than one would think. Here are a few simple rules for throwing an awesome breast cancer charity party.

  • Send out pink invitations and inform every one of the serious purpose behind the party, but let them know that the party itself will fun.
  • Keep to the pink party theme. Pink balloons, pink cupcakes and punch, and you might even want to throw some Pink Floyd CDs on for music. Have everyone wear something pink to party.
  • If you know someone who has survived breast cancer have them give a short talk that includes celebrating their life, and their hope for cure. Keep it brief as this is a party after all.
  • Play some fun games and offer breast cancer fund raising items both as prizes and for sale. Adults can choose among a variety of medium priced items for people to win and buy and if you are teenager throwing the party for other kids your age then there are many inexpensive fund raising items you can get to help with your fund raising efforts.
  • If you don’t want to turn your party into a sale of fund raising items why not put up a donation tree and supply your guest with pink ribbon where they can roll dollar bills (or 5′s or 10′s) and tie them to the tree.
  • Try to keep the party as upbeat as possible, but do get across how much you need everyone to be involved and contribute. Posting a poster of breast cancer facts may be a way to do this without spoiling too much of the party atmosphere.
  • Then relax, make your guests feel welcome and have some fun.

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