Woman Runs Across 4 States to Help Breast Cancer Charity

Four States, 12 Days, 380 miles, 1 woman – this is the first phrase you’ll see when you visit Davina McNaney’s fundraising page.

Despite her diagnosis, Davina was determined not to let breast cancer bring her down.  “It has been my determined mission to help others similarly impacted. I would not let breast cancer hold me in its grips for long and will never let the diagnosis make me a victim” said McNaney.

After getting a clean bill of health from her doctor, she thought of a way she can help support others in the same plight. In 2014, she started her first run for the Breast Cancer Research Foundation. Through the support of her husband and family, McNaney was able to complete her run from Michigan to New York in 15 grueling days. She was able to raise an amazing $23,000 for the BCRF for her first try!

Fueled by her success for others, McNaney continued to run for the BCRF. She joined ultra-marathons and trail runs in 2016 raising an additional $5,000 for the cause.

Breast Cancer

In her website, McNaney narrates why she the Breast Cancer Research Foundation as her charity of choice. BCRF has an A+ grade from Charity Ward and a 4-star rating from Charity Navigator. These accolades just go to show that BCRF is a trustworthy foundation. As a survivor, she knows just how important it is to know that the money raised is directly benefiting breast cancer advocacies.

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This year, McNaney will run across 4 states in 12 days to raise money for breast cancer awareness and education.  The trail will start from the scenic Boston Harbor and end at her hometown in Sodus Point, New York.

Aside from the uphill climb through Vermont’s Green Mountains, McNaney also had to deal with the searing heat. But, breast cancer does not choose the climate!

“I thought going over the mountains were going to be the difficult point, but this heat is brutal,” she said.

Davina’s inspiration remains to be the survivors who are fighting for their lives access the country. From her own experience, she knows that a single person can make a huge difference in a survivor’s life. Davina hopes that she can inspire and motivate her fellow survivors with her own journey.

Another highlight of her run is being able to meet advocates and survivors along the way. By sharing stories, they are able to share their strengths. Despite the setbacks, Davina draws on the strength she finds along the way.

We wish Davina and her team success in their endeavor! May they inspire and raise more money for survivors this year!

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