Saving Every Victim From Breast Cancer

Breast Cancer Awareness Month is closer than ever!

Both mainstream and social media are beginning to be flooded with invites from various charities to participate in this worthy cause. So, have you chosen which breast cancer events you’d be supporting this year?

Undoubtedly, national campaigns bring the big bucks and get widespread recognition. Organizations like the Susan G. Komen Foundation or the Pink Fund work hard all year round to bring attention to the plight of survivors worldwide.

However, we at Breast Cancer Football Gear do hold small grassroots efforts closer to our hearts. These small organizations run by the community for the community is a testament to our ability to care for others. Often run by volunteers, these groups are merely running on heart alone. While joining nationwide fun runs or walks does make a difference, there is just something special about neighbors rallying behind neighbors.

After all, breast cancer is not some exotic disease – it directly or indirectly affects all of us.

Save Every Victim, Breast Cancer

One such effort is the S.E.V. Foundation. Founded by Andrea Severa in 2010, Saving Every Victim stands to raise money for breast cancer research and survivorship. One of their most awaited events for the year is the Annual Pink Out game.

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Pink Out is regarded as the most memorable game of the season for longtime rivals Marceline and Brookfield. Now on their 7th year, the teams are moved how much their communities have continued to support their cause.  Every year, more people have come to give their support for this beloved tradition. The organizers are proud to announce that 2017 has proven to be their most successful with over $21,000 raised.

Not bad for a community effort! The continuous and overflowing support received from their community is what gets these girls to do this event year after year.

The Marceline Tigers thwarted the Brookfield Bulldogs 10-0, claiming the game by run rule in the 5th inning. The Tigers took the lead early in the game and bested Brookfield with 9 hits. The Bulldogs didn’t seem to mind the loss, as this was all in the name of raising money for survivors. At the end of the bout, the players and supporters released pink ribbons to remember those who have been lost to breast cancer.

It was a great afternoon for all in attendance. Just take a look at these pictures from their Official Facebook Page!

Save Every Victim, Breast Cancer


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