Seniors Cycle From London to Paris for Breast Cancer Awareness

How far can you go for a cause?

Barbara Harrison and Linda Jackson have an answer for that: 240 miles to be exact. The duo cycles from London to Paris to raise awareness for a cause that’s dear to them: Breast Cancer. Oh, and did we mention they’re both 60 years old?

Aside from giving us some serious friendship goals, the pair also inspires us to stay healthy no matter what our age. Barbara and Linda found friendship and health well into their 60s that brought them, farther than they’d ever thought possible. The farthest they’ve ever ridden in the past was 15 miles and now they’ve outdone themselves remarkably!

The Wonder Duo peddled their way from London to Paris in three days, meeting fellow survivors and supporters along the way. They are riding in the name of three charities: Breast Cancer Care, Jo’s Cervical Cancer Trust and Ovarian Cancer Action. Together, they raised  £4,000 for breast and ovarian cancer survivors.

So how exactly did these two warriors train for their breast cancer challenge?

“The fact that we have so many hills in the Ettrick and Yarrow Valleys really helped us with our training,” said Harrison. At first, the two had a hard time tacking Borders Hills. Slowly but surely, they began to conquer the slopes. Soon, they’ve started passing younger cyclists and leaving them in the dust! The pair hopes to show these young cyclists that a healthy lifestyle can serve them well in their later years.

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Despite being through breast cancer twice, Barbara says that this 240-mile journey is her toughest challenge yet. In an interview with the Southern Reporter, Barbara says “I hope that exercising regularly will help to keep my cancer at bay. This has been the toughest challenge of my life – having to peddle 80 miles every day and with very little sleep.”

Linda was also quick to thank their family, friends, and community for getting behind them on their quest. Some even welcomed them at the finish line right beside the majestic Eiffel Tower. “We had friends meeting us at the finish line near to the Eiffel Tower and it was a very emotional moment.” The pair didn’t mind that they didn’t finish first – after all, it wasn’t their goal. They wanted to spread awareness about breast cancer, raise money for survivors and encourage people to live healthier lives.

In our books, these two won the grand prize. To know more about their journey, you can go on and visit their website here.


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