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Breast cancer (there are over 30 species of it) may occur in half of the female population (i.e., every second woman older than 30 years). Fortunately, the vast majority of them is benign and poses no threat to health. Malignant tumors (including breast cancer) are met in ten times less, but still it is the leading cancer pathology in women older than 40 years. It is enough to say that in the world more than 1 million new cases of breast cancer are registered each year. Throughout the life one of the eight residents of the United States faced with breast cancer. The problem is really huge and its solution is really simple. You can become its solution. How? Let’s talk about it.

For example, you can go to shop for pink football items. Pink socks, pink towels, pink shoe laces, pink armbands, pink wrist sweatbands – all this is a part of breast cancer awareness campaign. How it works? All these items are a part of breast cancer fund rising campaign. And all money collected will be aimed at support of people with breast cancer and early detection of those who may face with this disease. With help of pink football items you and your team may remind women how early detection of breast cancer is important.