Spinning the Wheels Against Breast Cancer

A sports club didn’t think anyone would show up to their event – but they were in for a surprise.

When you think about raising money about breast cancer, spinning doesn’t first come to mind. It’s usually a toss between running or volleyball, with the occasional golf tourney in between. This is why the huge turnout at the spinning event caught the organizers by surprise.

The New York Sports Club of Somers, NY hoped a few patrons would show up at their first charity event. After all, it was the first time they organized something as ambitious as raising funds for a cause. They were, however, pleasantly surprised at the huge crowd turn out that only signifies just how many of us want to put an end to breast cancer.

This event was the brainchild of NYSC Instructor Ken Carroll who rallied his team of spinners all morning long. Carroll drew inspiration from his students who told him how breast cancer has affected their lives.

Each biker pledged to donate $25 for each hour they rode. At the end of the intense three hour spinning session, the team raised a whopping $2500. Also pitching in are local businesses who donated gift cards and baskets to be raffled off to lucky participants.

Talk about getting fit while helping others!

Breast Cancer, Spinning, Support Connection

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Carroll, who is also an avid biker, knew that this was a recipe for success. Biking is great for the health as it can help decrease stress and improve heart fitness. It’s a versatile form of exercise as well. It can be done indoors or outdoors, individually or as a group.

Throughout the three-hour ordeal, Carroll urged his bikers to continue by chanting “You’ve got to want it!” and reminding them who they are riding for.

Breast Cancer, Spinning, Support Connection

Proceeds will go directly to Support Connection, an organization that provides much needed assistance to breast and ovarian cancer survivors.

If you’ve ever visited a gym, then you’d know just how exciting a spinning class can be. Seeing participants pump their fists and Instructors lead their team like a captain leading a ship. They provide goals that needed to be met, motivation for those who are about to give up and congratulates team members who were able to finish the class.  It’s a great way to pay homage to the struggle to beat breast cancer. It’s a long a hard fight, but together we can win!

The organizers were so moved by the support they received from their members and the entire community that it inspired them to continue hosting the Spin-A-Thon for Breast Cancer in the coming years.

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