Sweatbands & Wristbands for Breast Cancer Walks

Raising money for breast cancer awareness can be done in various creative ways. One great way to raise money is to put on a walk,  sell pink items at different price points, and donate all the profits to the chosen breast cancer charity.

One great inexpensive item you can use to raise funds are pink ribbon sweatbands. Now, yes – football players wear these – but many of these type of products can also be used for walks, marathons and different community events. Some prefer using plain pink wrist sweatbands since they are a little more cost effective. Either product works great depending on the use. The ribbon sweatbands work better if you are trying to sell them, the plain pink sweatbands work better if you are just trying to find something to wear during the walk.

Perhaps the best thing about using sweatbands and silicone wristbands for walks is the fact that you don’t have to worry about sizing. They fit everyone with easy. Most products, like t shirts, you have to make sure you have enough inventory of each size. It can be tough to figure out everyone’s size ahead of time, so keep it simple

As it turns out, Avon is putting on a big walk right now. With all their marketing power, they are making a big difference!