Against the Tide:  Swim, Bike, Walk or Run Against Breast Cancer

Is it possible to stop breast cancer before it begins?

An epidemic is defined as a widespread occurrence of an infectious disease in a community at a particular time. While breast cancer is not an infectious disease it did spread like wildfire among women in Massachusetts in the early 90s.

The lack of information and attention to this phenomena prompted the foundation of  the Massachusetts Breast Cancer Coalition.  Thru their efforts, Massachusetts became the first state to declare breast cancer as an epidemic.

against the tide, fundraising, breast cancer

Unlike most cancer organizations that focus on early detection and treatment, the MBCC looks to eradicate breast cancer by eliminating its source.

Everyday items such as cleaning materials or beauty products contain chemicals that may be considered as carcinogenic. The Silent Spring Institute, MBCC’s research arm, is dedicated to finding links between environmental chemicals and breast cancer. Together, these organizations aim to increase public awareness in order to put a stop to breast cancer before it begins.

Against the Tide is a multi-sport event that benefits the efforts of the MBCC. It supports projects such as Let’s Talk Prevention – Reducing Toxic Exposures and The MBBC Research Video Series.

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breast cancer, fundraiser, against the tide

Participants can choose to join one or three of the activities – swim, kayak, walk or run – and enjoy a fun filled day with neighbors and friends. Here’s a closer look at the events:


Both competitive and recreational swimmers are welcome! Each have the choice to do just the assigned swim or join the aquathon and run the 5K or 10K directly afterwards.


Lack a Kayak? Not to worry! Sponsors Boating in Boston and Goose Hummock made sure anyone who wants to join has a kayak.


The organizers made sure to make this event accessible to anyone that wants to participate. The 3-mile path is along a paved, stroller and wheelchair friendly road.


Running enthusiasts can join the 5K and 10K runs set along picturesque and safe routes in the community

The next Against the Tide event is happening on August 19 at the DCR’s Nickerson State Park.  If you live near the Brewster, MA area, we highly encourage you to join the fun and help raise money for this worthy cause.

Indeed, prevention is always better than cure. Together, we can fight breast cancer even before it begins.

against the tide, fundraising, breast cancer

For more information, you can check out the poster or visit the Massachusetts Breast Cancer Coalition.

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