Taylor Swift’s Got Nothing on This Survivor

Are you familiar with Taylor Swift’s catchy tune “Shake It Off”? Get the refrain in your mind and swap the lyrics with:

It’s not just boobies

Balls need checking too, yeah

So get your hands on to them

If it’s caught early it’s gonna be alright

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‘Cause we all like to say say say say say

That it’s never going to happen to me me me

But it does to one in three three three three three

So check yourself, check yourself

This catchy rendition of one of Taylor’s biggest hits was the brainchild of mom of two and breast cancer survivor Heather Walters. In an interview with the North Devon Journal, Heather explained the reason why she decided to use the hit song as a means to spread awareness “I’ve said from the start that this is not about scaring people – it’s just about making people aware and encouraging people of all ages to check themselves.

The 34-year old knew firsthand the importance of performing regular breast examinations and how difficult it is to stay on track during treatment. Heather says the song really helped her when she was diagnosed with an aggressive type of breast cancer. If it had helped her through the hard times, she thought it would help other women as well.

She asked some of her family and friends to help her make a video she can post online. Little did she know that over 50 people would volunteer to be a part of the gig! The video was choreographed by her daughter’s dance instructor and the song was arranged by a local band. Heather further commented that despite the bad cards life dealt her, the love and support of her whole community gave her a reason to hope again.

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