How to Throw the Best Pink Awareness Party

Detection of breast cancer at an early stage and the appropriate treatment allows a woman to live up to twenty-five years after the diagnosis of disease. Each woman is at risk of having breast cancer after 35-40 years. It is very important to constantly examine themselves with doctor. Early detection is a chance for full life in future. How to remind them?

One of the examples of actions (which can be aimed at breast cancer awareness) is a making the best pink awareness party. It is very cool to have fun with benefit. So, how to throw the best pink awareness party? Of course, you should invite guests, who will become members of “breast cancer awareness team” and will have fun at the same time. For the pink awareness party you will need some attributes, which will remind that people are at breast cancer awareness party and do a good thing. For this purpose you can make dress-code – pink wristbands, pink T-shirts, armbands, headbands, etc. This dress-code will greatly help to raise money for breast cancer research. You may also think about some pink giveaways to the most active part member or to the person, who have the most quantity of pink breast cancer awareness items. Have a fun and do a great job at the same time!