Tips and Tricks: Donating Money for a Cause

The Red Cross, the United Nations and the World Wildlife Fund are just some of the most popular charitable organizations on the planet. Whether natural or manmade, these organizations are there when and where disaster strikes. Every year, millions of dollars are donated to these organizations because they are trustworthy and indiscriminate.

There are numerous smaller charitable/non-profit organizations out there trying to do what these bigger organizations do on a smaller, more local scale. Big or small, these organizations operate on the goodness of donors and volunteers.  Some people may be reluctant to donate to these groups because sadly, there are bogus organizations that only pretend to help the needy. These scam artists ride on the suffering of people afflicted with the disease and on the generosity of people who genuinely want to help.

Since we have featured numerous breast cancer organizations here on Breast Cancer Football Gear, we thought we’d give you some pointers on how to spot the real deal.  If you’re planning to organize your own fund raising event for Breast Cancer, these points will also help you spot which organizations you can get trustworthy information and resources from.

1. Good track record – Since its founding in 1992 by Evelyn Lauder, the Breast Cancer Research Foundation has been recognized as a forerunner in funding research for the research and cure of Breast Cancer. They have created their own Scientific Advisory Board to make sure they find and fund the most promising research from the US to Israel and beyond. This practice makes sure that your donations don’t get spent on useless things like junk mail – that the money actually goes where it counts.

2. Transparent – There may be hundreds of organizations that support Breast Cancer Awareness. When choosing which one to support, make sure they fully disclose how they utilize donations. Some, like Breast Cancer Care, even break down every dollar you donate while the BCRF even have links to their 501 (c) (3) Form and their Financial Information.

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3. Responsible Fundraising – Trustworthy organizations hold regular fund raising events throughout the year. They also offer support to those who want to help the cause, providing ample information about fund raising ideas and have a multifaceted approach to fundraising such as sporting, food, or musical events.

4. Recognized by non-partisan organizations – You can see how your charity fares at Charity Navigator and Charity Watch. These sites evaluate and rank all charitable organizations for good governance and responsible practices.

Does this mean you can only support big organizations? Of course not! Feel free to support your local group; just make sure they try their best to be transparent and responsible in handling donations and fund raisers as well.

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